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Q: What is my current plan?

A: Every new user will be on a free Lite plan when they download the Qashier app.

Q: What features are included in my plan?

A: You may learn more about the Lite plan HERE.

Q: Can I change or upgrade my plan at any time?

A: You can easily manage your subscription through your QashierHQ. It will be under the 'Manage your plans' tab.


Q: What hardware is Qashier compatible with?

A: The Qashier app is compatible with Android devices (version 5.1 and above).

Q: Can I purchase any hardware from Qashier? What is the process and delivery time?

A: You may directly purchase our POS accessories from us. Visit our online store HERE!

Check delivery options and estimated arrival time at checkout.


Q: How do I contact Qashier if I have any questions or issues?

A: We are contactable by all via [email protected].

Essential & Growth subscribers enjoy live chat support from our merchant support team.

Accept Payment

Q: What types of payments can I accept through Qashier?

A: You can upgrade to the Essential/ Growth plan to start accepting other payment methods such as VISA/MASTER/AMEX and E-wallet payments.

To add custom payments to your POS, please follow the guide HERE.

Manage POS

Q: Is my data safe and secure?

A: You can trust that your data is secure with us. It is hosted on Google Cloud, backed up daily, and we are fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

If you’d like to learn more about our data privacy and protection policies, please refer to our Terms of Service located at

Q: How do I create a product?

A: Editing products and prices can be easily done through both the Qashier POS app and the HQ portal. Learn more here: POS | HQ

Q: How do I print receipts?

A: Receipt printing will require an external printer. You may also check out our flagship QashierX1 and QashierXL POS terminal which comes with a built-in printer.

Q: How do I view my sales reports?

A: You can do so in both the Qashier app and QashierHQ. Learn more here: POS | HQ

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