How to Add a Payment Method in POS

Managers can easily add a payment method in the Qashier Smart Terminal

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Note: The following method is used to add a manually verified payment on the QashierPOS Terminal. For automatic verified payment methods, please contact our Customer Support Agent.

Adding a Payment Method in QashierPOS

  1. Select the "☰" icon at the top-right hand corner of the POS homepage

  2. Select SETTINGS

  3. Enter your TERMINAL PIN number



  6. Key in the name of Payment Method which you would like to have (For e.g. Shopback)

  7. Click CONFIRM to add the payment method to your payments page

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

This is how the payment method will reflect on your payment page:

Note: If you would like to add automatic verified payment QR, please contact customer support.

For QR code payment

From ADD PAYMENT METHOD page. If the merchant want to include a QR code in the payment, merchant have to fill in QR code link using the following steps:

  1. Merchants must use QR Code Reader to convert QR Codes into link. When complete, enter the link into the space under QR code link.

  2. Click CONFIRM to add the payment method to your payments page

And that’s it – you’re done!

Now you can start accepting payments with the new payment method.

Note: For now, it's not convenient for merchant to directly fill the link in QR code link on Qashier POS Terminal. Due to the the link might be too long to fill in.

If you would like to add a payment QR code to your POS system, the best way to do so is by contacting our support team. Our friendly and knowledgable support staff is available via live chat or email and will be able to help you add your QR code to the system.

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