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Discover Our Platform with the Lite Plan: A Great Way to Get Started

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Upon creating an account with Qashier, you will be signed up under the free Lite plan, which comes with the following features.

A short introduction of each feature:

POS & Payment

It allows you to process sales transactions quickly and easily, including applying discounts and accepting various payment methods.

How it looks like on the POS & Payment page:

Transaction Record

It allows you to keep a detailed record of all sales made for the day. These records include information such as date and time of the transaction, the items sold, the payment method used and the total amount paid.

How it looks like on the Transaction Record page:

Inventory Management

It helps you to track and organise your inventory by providing real-time information on stock levels and automating inventory-related tasks.

How it looks like on the Inventory Management page:

Cash Management

It allows you to manage cash transactions, such as cash sales and cash drawer reconciliations.

How it looks like on the Cash Management page:


It provides you with valuable information about your sales performance. This includes information such as total sales, number of transactions, top-selling products, and sales by employee.

How it looks like on the Reports page:

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