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[Philippines] Guide to Senior Citizen/Persons with Disability (SC/PWD) Discounts in the POS
[Philippines] Guide to Senior Citizen/Persons with Disability (SC/PWD) Discounts in the POS
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Table of Content:

Introduction to Senior Citizen/Persons with Disability Discounts

Senior citizens (SC) and persons with disability (PWD) are entitled to certain discounts, as mandated by Philippine laws. Qashier POS allows users to automatically and accurately calculate the SC/PWD discount. This article describes how to use it.

How to enable SC/PWD feature in the POS

To activate this feature on your POS, please send an email to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can use the live chat function in the POS or QashierHQ to message our support team and request the feature activation. Please provide the following information:

  • Discount type: F&B industries - 20% or Retail/necessities - 5% for PWD

  • VAT Type: VAT Inclusive or VAT Exclusive or Non VAT

    • Note that only National athletes and diplomats fall under the Non VAT category

You may follow the guide on how to use the live chat function by clicking on the button below:


Where can I add the SC/PWD ID number for recording purposes?

You can add it as an item note or as a transaction note.

How is service charge calculated in relation to the SC/PWD discount?

The service charge is not discounted even with the SC/PWD applied. This is because service charge is computed based on the following formula:
(Total amount of all original prices, before any discount, without VAT value * service charge ratio %)

In the extreme case, if the total discount applied is 100%, there will still be service fee charged to the transaction.

Other Limitations

  1. Invoice Management
    When creating an invoice in Qashier HQ, SC/PWD discount cannot be set. Invoices should be created from the POS to apply the SC/PWD discount.

  2. Combos
    Combos does not have item-level discount for SC/PWD.
    Workaround: Create a separate transaction containing the items of the combos → Edit the price of the total bill → Apply bill level discount to apply SC/PWD discount

  3. Tiered pricing

  • Tiered pricing does not have item-level discounts for SC/PWD

  • Workaround: Enable open pricing -> Enter the tiered price in the open price field -> apply SC/PWD discount

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