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How to Assign a Product to Service Hour in QashierHQ
How to Assign a Product to Service Hour in QashierHQ
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Table of Content:

Setting up service hour in QashierHQ

  1. Go to QashierHQ.

  2. Click on the drop-down icon under "Product Management".

  3. Select Product Management.

  4. Click on Service Hour.

  5. Click on + ADD button located next to 'Sections' to create the service hour.

  6. Provide a name for your section and proceed by selecting the "CONFIRM" button.

  7. After creating the section, click on the newly generated section to view a list of days where the time will be indicated as "Not Available".

  8. Click on the day to set the service time.

  9. To adjust the timing according to your preference, click on the time slot and make the necessary changes.

    1. ADD: Click on add if you have more than one time range in a day. This allows you to enter multiple date ranges within a day (For e.g. dinner 5-7pm, 9-11pm)

    2. CONFIRM: Click on confirm once you finalize your time range.

  10. Continue following steps 8-9 for the remaining days, making adjustments to the desired time slots. Once you have finished setting the service hours, click on the X icon to indicate completion.

Here's a video from Step 1 to 10

Assigning a product to the service hour

  1. Go to "Product Management".

  2. Click on the category, followed by the product that you wish to set the service hour to.

  3. Click on SERVICE HOURS.

  4. Select the service hours that you want to associate with the product

  5. Once done, click CONFIRM

  6. Repeat Step 2 to 5 if you wish to assign more products to the service hour.

The products assigned with service hours will now be displayed in your QR ordering menu based on the time range you have specified in the service hours.

Here's a video from Steps 1 to 5:

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