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How to Download Static Table QR Codes in QashierHQ
How to Download Static Table QR Codes in QashierHQ
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Steps to download Static QR codes for tables in QashierHQ

  1. Go to QashierHQ

  2. Click on Table Management

  3. Select the store what you want to download the QR codes from

  4. Select Edit Mode

  5. You will be reminded to click SAVE FLOORPLAN after you have done editing, select CONFIRM

  6. Click the DOWNLOAD TABLE QR CODES button

  7. Click CONFIRM to proceed the download

  8. Upon completion, the QR codes will be compressed in a zip format. Once extracted, the QR codes will be available as picture files

  9. Click on the X CLOSE button to close the pop-up

  10. Click on CONFIRM & SAVE FLOORPLAN to save your floorplan

  11. The webpage will automatically refresh, indicating that the floorplan has been updated

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

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