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How to Create an Invoice in QashierHQ
How to Create an Invoice in QashierHQ
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Filling up invoice information:

  1. Go to QashierHQ

  2. Click on the drop-down icon under Transactions

  3. Select "Invoice Management"

  4. Click on "+ CREATE INVOICE" button

  5. Click on the drop-down icon to select a staff that will be generating the invoice

  6. Click "CONFIRM" once step 5 is done

    Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 6:

  7. To edit the invoice title, click on the "pencil icon" beside the word 'Invoice'

  8. Once step 7 is completed, click on "CONFIRM"

  9. Click on "SELECT CUSTOMER" button to whom you wish to send the invoice to

  10. By default, you will be required to search the customer by contact number

    (Note: if you would like to search by number, click on the drop-down icon and select By Name)

  11. Once step 10 is completed, click on the "magnifying glass" icon and the customer details (name, contact number) will be displayed

  12. Select the customer by clicking on the "circle logo" beside the customer name

  13. Click "CONFIRM" to proceed

    Here's a video guide from Step 9 to 13:


Invoice No: The Invoice No. is automatically generated, you may change it under the 'Invoice No' field if you wish to

PO Number: If you have a purchase order (PO) number, you can enter it in the provided field. Otherwise, you have the option to leave it blank

Payment Date: You can set the payment due date by clicking on the button located next to the payment date field

Adding an item to the invoice:

  1. To include a product in the invoice, click on the "+ ADD ITEM" button and choose the product

  2. You will be prompt whether it is a customized product or not

    1. Select "YES" if is a customized product. You need to manually key in the product information such as Product Name and Unit Price

    2. Select "NO" If is not a customized product. You can select the product by searching the name / barcode / SKU / tab / category after clicking Product field

  3. Once you have selected the product, scroll down to the end of the page and click "CONFIRM"

    Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 3:

Inputting of payment terms:

  1. Select the "Payment Term"s, either with "Deposit" or "No Deposit"

    1. Deposit - if customer pays for deposit upon invoice was issued

    2. No Deposit - if customer opt to pay full payment on due date

  2. If you intend to offer a discount to your customer, you have the option to enter either a percentage discount (%) or dollar discount ($)

  3. You can input notes/terms for your invoice if you wish to

  4. Once Step 1-3 is completed, click on the "Preview" button to confirm that all the details in the invoice are correct

  5. Click on the "CONFIRM" button to proceed to create the invoice

  6. Once the invoice is generated, you may choose to send the invoice to your customer via email by clicking on the "SEND CUSTOMER EMAIL button"

  7. Click on "CONFIRM" to proceed to send the invoice to the customer

Here's a video guide from Step 5 to 7:

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