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How to Create and Make Invoice Payment In Full in Qashier POS
How to Create and Make Invoice Payment In Full in Qashier POS
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Create and make invoice payment in full on POS:

  1. Go to POS & PAYMENT

  2. Place order for the item(s) that customer wants to purchase

  3. The items will reflect in the cart on the right-side of the page

    Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 3:

  4. IMPORTANT: Tap on CUSTOMER located in the red box on the right-hand side of the page, as shown below:

  5. You can either search customer's registered Phone Number or Name

  6. Once done searching, select the customer's name or phone number, then select CONFIRM

    NOTE: If customer has NOT registered, you can proceed to do so after no search result was to be found, Qashier terminal will prompt you whether you want to register a new customer

    Here's a video guide from Step 4 to 6:

  7. The customer's name will be displayed in the red box at the right-hand corner of the page once you have successfully select from CRM, as shown below:

  8. Click on PAY at bottom right corner to proceed with payment

  9. Select INVOICE as y our payment method

  10. You can choose to change Invoice Title, Invoice Number, PO Number (optional), Invoice Due Date, Invoice Notes to your preference. Also, do check whether the Amount Due and Email is correct or not.

  11. Under Payment Terms, select Full Payment

  12. Once everything is confirmed, select CONFIRM

  13. Select CONFIRM if you want to email the invoice to the customer, else select CANCEL

  14. Then proceed with the payment in full by selecting the preferred payment method

  15. Tap CONFIRM to create invoice and complete payment

    Here's a video guide from Step 7 to 15:

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