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How to Split Bill by Item Using Table Management in Qashier POS
How to Split Bill by Item Using Table Management in Qashier POS
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Table of Content:

Overview of Split bill by item feature:

The usage of a split bill by item is to allow customer to pay for the specific items that they have consumed or ordered, instead of splitting the bill equally. This enables a more precise and fair distribution of costs among the individuals involved.

Example of Use Cases:

A group of students are celebrating a competition victory. Orders were taken together at the table but they have decided to pay for their own meals only.

Order Details:

2 x Chicken Chop - SGD 24.00

1 x Kopi - SGD 2.00

2 x Iced Teh - SGD 2.20

How to split bill by items:

Let's use the use case above

  1. Go to POS & PAYMENT

  2. Select a table that you would like to split the bill by item

  3. Select the dual-headed arrow on the top right-hand corner of the page (1st icon on the right side)

  4. Select the + icon for the quantity of the item that the customer wishes to pay for

  5. Select PAYMENT

  6. On the payment page, select the payment method the customer chooses

  7. Once step 5 is done, tap on CONFIRM to complete payment

Repeat steps until all customers have paid for their items

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Important Details to Note

  • Please contact our friendly Qashier Customer Support Team if you do not see the Split Bill by Item option.

  • This function is only applicable to Table Management.

  • This feature will not work with the Promotion Bucket feature.

  • Every split bill will create an independent transaction. For example, you will see 3 different transactions if the bill is split for 3 customers.

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