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How to Use Inventory Management in Qashier POS
How to Use Inventory Management in Qashier POS
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Case study on how to use Inventory Management on POS

Assuming the product Q-Chicken burger's inventory are being tracked, and current stock count is 100 nos as shown in the image below. Now we want to perform a sale / transaction on this Q-Chicken burger product to see how it's inventory count will change automatically.

Perform a Transaction of a product to track it's inventory count

  1. Go to POS & PAYMENT

  2. Choose a product and place it in order list, in this case, we choose Q-Chicken burger under MEAL tab ► Burger Category

  3. Increase the quantity to purchase to 9

  4. Select ADD & CLOSE

    Here's a step-by-step video guide from Step 1-4:

  5. Select PAY to proceed to payment

  6. In this case, we choose CASH as our payment method

  7. Assuming customer pays the exact amount according to the bill, which is $ 44.90, we can just select EXACT CASH for quick action, then select CONFIRM

  8. Select BACK TO POS

  9. Click on the BACK button at the bottom to call out side panel

  10. Select Inventory Management

  11. Now you can see that the stock count for Q-Chicken burger has been reduced to 91 automatically from 100 after we have sold 9 pieces of it.

Here's a step-by-step video guide from Step 5-11:

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