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How to Void/Refund Transactions in Qashier POS
How to Void/Refund Transactions in Qashier POS

Process a refund for your customer

Updated over a week ago

To void/refund transaction:

  1. Select TRANSACTION RECORD in POS homepage

  2. Select a transaction that you would wish to void

  3. Tap on VOID/REFUND

  4. Select YES to confirm to void transaction

  5. Enter your STAFF PIN

  6. Followed by TERMINAL PIN

  7. Enter the REASON for voiding the transaction

  8. Tap on DONE REFUND once refund has been processed to customer

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Once the transaction has been refunded to customer, you may select the voided transaction to view the void/refund details.


Voiding a credit card payment transaction on the POS terminal will automatically initiate a refund for the credit card payment. Do refer to this guide for additional information:

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