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Transaction Records in Qashier POS Explained
Transaction Records in Qashier POS Explained

Transaction Records allow you to view your transaction history and void/refund transactions.

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3 important functions you need to know about Transaction Records:

1. To view transaction history:

  1. Select TRANSACTION RECORD in the POS homepage.

  2. Transactions made in the current day will be shown.

  3. You may select a transaction to view the receipt in detail. Receipt number is automatically generated according to the date and time of the transaction (i.e. in DDMMYYYYHHMMSS format)

Calendar icon: You can select a range of dates to view the transaction history of.

Filter icon: You can also filter the transactions by Discounted, Voided or Voucher.

2. To void/refund transaction:

Click on the button below for article on how to void/refund a transaction.

3. To re-print a transaction receipt:

Click on the button below on how to re-print a transaction receipt.

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