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With Payment Linked Loyalty, customers can effortlessly earn points by simply tapping and paying with their linked cards at any Treats merchant's store. These points will be automatically credited to the customers' Treats profile.


  • Payment Linked Loyalty only works with Treats merchants who are also using QashierPay (Visa/Mastercard Credit card payments) at the moment.

  • Only debit/credit cards are accepted currently.

  • It is unable to support any third party payment terminals or payment methods such as AMEX, and e-wallets like GrabPay, ShopeePay, DuitNow QR, etc.

Linking cards to the customer's Treats profile

Step 1: Customer makes payment with a debit/credit card at the Treats + QashierPay merchant's store as usual.

Step 2: The customer scans the QR code printed on the receipt/front-facing display screen on the POS after they have successfully completed their payment to earn their points.

Note: If the customer does not have a Treats profile, they will be prompted to enter their mobile number to receive an OTP in order to create a Treats profile.

Step 3: After scanning the QR code, the screen on their mobile phone will show the following screen. Click "Sure" to link the card to their Treats profile.

Click "Sure" to link the card to the Treats' profile.

The card is now linked to the customer's Treats profile.

How to check the details of the card(s) linked with the Treats profile?

To check the details of the card(s) linked with the Treats profile, go to Treats webapp > Menu > Linked Payment Methods > Manage Linked Cards.

On Treats webapp, go to Menu

Under "Linked Payment Methods", click on "Manage Linked Cards"

Transaction and points history, as well as card linked will be displayed

Details such as number of transactions and points earned by the card (only the last 4 digits will be shown) will be reflected on this page.

After the cards have been linked to the customer's Treats profile

Customers can visit any Treats store that they are already a member of and make payments using the card that they have linked to their Treats profile previously.

The points would be automatically added to the customer's Treats profile; reducing the need for customers to scan the QR code or for the staff to add a customer to an order via the POS terminal.


  1. If the same customer visits another Treats merchant store (e.g. Store B) where the customer is not yet registered in Store B's CRM, the Payment Linked Loyalty will not work.

    1. In such situations, customers must scan the QR code during their initial visit to store B to register in store B's CRM. Subsequent visits will seamlessly activate Payment Linked Loyalty, crediting points to the customer's Treats profile when using the same card linked to the profile.

  2. For example: a customer makes a payment using a physical credit/debit card at a Treats + QashierPay merchant store on the first visit and links that card to their Treats profile. On the next visit to the same store, the customer made payment using the same credit card but via mobile payment services (e.g. GooglePay, ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc.).

    1. In such scenarios, the Payment Linked Loyalty would not work as the virtual card numbers provided by mobile payment services differ from the actual card numbers.

    2. The customer would need to re-register the card that was used for mobile payments into their Treats profile again in order for Payment Linked Loyalty to work as intended.

Redeeming points

Customers can redeem the points on their next visit to the store.

This works the same way as how a customer would redeem points on CRM 1.0. For more information, please refer to this article.

If you would like to change the points-to-redeem ratio, kindly reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

Note: Customers can redeem points from the store where they have earned the points from and from any of the stores under the same Qashier client account.

For example: your registered company ABC Pte Ltd has 5 stores which are all using QashierPOS and Treats feature (stores 1-5). Your customer has made a purchase and earned points from store 3. The points that your customer has earned from store 3 can be redeemed at any of your 5 stores.

However, the points cannot be redeemed at other stores that are not owned by ABC Pte Ltd.

Tip: Merchants can train their staff to proactively inquire with customers about their usage of the Treats web app. If customers are not using it, staff can encourage them to sign up for the Treats feature.

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