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Key Differences Between QashierX1 and QashierX2
Key Differences Between QashierX1 and QashierX2
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Table of Content:

Comparison chart

Here's a comparison between the QashierX1 and QashierX2 POS


Specification & Features

QashierX1 POS

QashierX2 POS

Screen Size

Touch Enabled 7” Main Screen & 3.5” Secondary Screen

Touch Enabled 8” Main Screen & 5” Secondary Screen

Wireless Connection




3,900 mAh Built-in Li-Ion Polymer Battery

6,000 mAh Built-in Li-Ion Polymer Battery


High Speed Thermal Printer

High Speed Thermal Printer


185mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 95mm (H)

274.9mm (L) x 123.4mm (W) x 101.6mm (H)


with/without built-in scanner version

No built-in scanner version

Payment Method


Swipe, Insert & Paywave

Peripheral Ports

1 x Micro USB port

1 x Type-C, USB2.0 OTG

Pogo Pins

Additional Accessories


Comes with Docking station & expansion hub

Connection to multiple device

Connect to multiple printer wirelessly & cash drawer concurrently

With expansion hub

to 2 USB device, cash drawer & Ethernet device concurrently

Who should be considering the upgrade

We recommend merchants who wish to receive all payments through a single terminal to consider this upgrade.

How to upgrade

For those interested in upgrading their QashierPOS from X1 to X2, there is an upgrade fee of $799 involved. You may reach out to our friendly Customer Support Team if you would like to proceed with the upgrade.

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