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How to Create and Send Payment Links to Customers
How to Create and Send Payment Links to Customers

Streamline your payment process with the convenience of Pay by Link

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How to create a payment link:

  1. Click on the 'Create New Payment Link' button beside your store name

  2. A pop-up box will be displayed, proceed to fill in the required fields:

    1. Total Amount (Required) - enter the total amount to be charged to the customer (including GST if applicable)

    2. Link Expiry Date (Required) - the default expiry date will be 1 month from today's date, you can click on the calendar icon to change to your desired expiry date

    3. Transaction Note (Optional) - Key in details of the payment (if necessary)

    4. Customer Name (Optional) - Key in name of the customer

  3. Once step 2 is done, click on the 'create' button to generate the payment link

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

How to send payment links to customers:

After generating the payment link, you will see a payment link being displayed, as well as a field for entering your recipient's email address:

There are 2 ways to send the payment link to your customers:

  1. Key in recipient email address and send the link directly to their email:

  2. Click on 'copy link' button and send the link directly to your customers via communication platforms:

Click on 'Done' button once the link has been sent to your customers.

How to check if customer has made payment:

Under your Pay by Link Management page, you will find a transaction that has been created. Do look out for the following statuses:

  1. Unpaid - Customer has not made the payment yet

  2. Paid - Customer has successfully made the payment

  3. Cancelled - Merchant has chosen to void the link (e.g. the customer decides not to proceed with the purchase)

  4. Expired - The payment was not made by the specific expiry date

    1. customer will not be able to make payment through this payment link after link expires

    2. If customer still wishes to make the payment, they will need to contact you and request for the reactivation of the payment link

The status will be shown as 'Unpaid' before your customer makes a payment:

Once your customer has made a payment, the status will be changed to 'Paid' with the payment method (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.) stated as well:

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