How To Create Preset Discount in QashierHQ

How to set-up Discount Management (Manual) on HQ.

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To create preset discount:

  1. Go to QashierHQ

  2. Click on the drop-down list under Discount Management

  3. Select Discount Management

  4. Click on + Create New Discount button on the right-hand side of the page

  5. Enter a Discount Title (required)

    Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 5:

  6. Discount Availability

    *Default availability is All Dates & All Days and Time

    6a. For discounts to only show in POS on specific dates, uncheck All Dates and select from the calendar the appropriate dates.

    E.g. 10% Lunch promo on the total bill for the first week of opening.

    6b. For discounts to only show in POS on a specific day of the week and time of the day, uncheck All Days and Time and adjust accordingly.

    E.g. Off-Peak Weekday 15% off Manicures and Pedicures, uncheck the All Days and Time option to enable the selection of days and the start to end times.

  7. Trigger Type - Manual (Staff will have to choose the discount to apply manually in POS)

  8. Discount type - Choose 1 only

    1. (%) Percentage Discount

    2. ($) Dollar Discount

  9. Products Discount / Bill Discount - Choose 1 only

    1. Product discount only applies for all / specific products (default no products, you must select the plus button on the right, and select products that the discount can be applied)

    2. Bill discount only applies to the overall bill

  10. Click on CREATE NEW button to save your new discount

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