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Discount Management Explained

A quick introduction of Discount Management and its Use Cases

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Discount Management is a feature that enables you to run promotional events. With this feature, you can easily manage pre-configured discounts on QashierHQ and apply them seamlessly during transactions on your Qashier POS.

Here's a brief overview, along with relevant links to detailed articles, if available.

There are currently two types of discounts in Discount Management:

1. Preset Discount

You can setup preset discounts to eliminate the need for manual input of discount every time. These discount can be manually activated on the Qashier POS, either at the product level or the bill level.

This discount can be utilized for your grand opening, for example. To create this discount, refer to the following steps:

  • Customise the promotional period and choose the specific days and times when the discount should be active

  • Choose a percentage (%) or dollar ($) discount

  • Select specific products to include in the promotion, or apply the discount to the entire bill

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2. Custom Discount

You can create a personalized discount directly on the Qashier POS without any prior setup. This type of discount is currently the default option on Qashier POS. You can choose between a percentage (%) or dollar ($) type discount and key in the discount value under the customised text field

This discount can be utilized for your everyday use. To create this discount, refer to the following steps:

  • Simply choose the percentage (%) or dollar ($) discount in your Qashier POS

  • Enter the discount value

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