Setting up your Sticker/Label Printer via Wifi

Guide to setting up the printer for your bubble tea stickers or barcode labels

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Table of Content:

Part 1: Finding your IP address from POS terminal

To connect the printer to your Qashier POS via Wifi, you will first need to find out your Wifi IP address.

Here's how to find your Wifi IP address:

  1. Connect your Qashier POS terminal to your Wi-Fi network. (If your network has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, connect to the 2.4 GHz network.)

    To identify which is 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, refer to your Wi-Fi name.

    2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

    [your Wi-Fi name] OR [your Wi-Fi name_2G]

    5 GHz Wi-Fi

    [your Wi-Fi name_5G].

  2. Once connected, go to the Wi-Fi page on your Qashier POS terminal.

  3. Select the Gear icon located on the top right of the Wi-Fi page.

  4. Take note of your IPv4 address (e.g.

    Ignore the last 3 digits behind the last dot.

You will need to key in the IP address in the blue printer configuration page below.

Part 2: Configuring your Printer Wifi IP Address

1. Use your computer/phone to connect to the Printer's Wifi network (Printer network is 'LabelPrn_AP').

If you are unable to find 'LabelPrn_AP' in your WIFI list, please do the following:

a. Power off the printer

b. Place a sticker roll inside the printer

c. Turn on the printer

d. Press and hold the feed button for 5 seconds

e. Let go of the feed button and you should see the error light blink slowly

f. Press and hold the feed button again for another 3 seconds

g. Let go of the feed button and you should see the error light blinking rapidly

h. The error light will continue blinking until a beep sound is given out, and you should see that both the error light and online light are on and not blinking

i. Restart the printer (by turning it off and on). The printer is now in configuration mode.

2. Open your browser and type in and it will prompt you to log in.

3. Fill in the username: admin and password: admin

4. Choose your preferred language and go to STA Setting and follow the steps below:

AP's SSID: Connect to your shop's wifi network
MAC Address (Optional): (Leave empty)
Security Mode: WPA2PSK
Encryption Type: AES
Pass Phrase: Your wifi password

'Apply' to save settings for STA Interface Parameters before going back to 'STA Interface Setting' and filling up WAN Connection Type.

WAN Connection Type: STATIC (fixed IP)
IP Address: Check IP address from your Qashier POS - Go to Settings > WIFI > WIFI Settings (Gear icon) > Copy IP address but last 3 digits change to '201'
Subnet Mask: Enter
Default Gateway: Same IP address as but last 3 digits change to '1'

'Apply' to save settings for Static Mode.

  1. Select Mode Selection and follow the steps below:

  2. Select 'STA mode'

  3. Under 'Data Transfer Mode', select 'Transparent Mode' in drop down

  4. Select 'Apply' to save settings

  5. Turn off and on your printer to restart

Part 3: How to link your Qashier POS terminal to your Qashier WIFI Printer

On your Qashier POS terminal,

  1. Select "☰" on the top right-hand corner of your POS homepage

  2. Select Settings

  3. Key in your terminal pin

  4. Select Printer Settings

  5. Click on the Printer 1 IP Address field and enter the IP address you previously set for the printer in Part 2

  6. Once done, select SAVE

Note: If you have multiple printers, you can enter the IP addresses for each printer accordingly

Do not select the "PRINTER "x" SETUP CONFIGURATION" option, and return to the POS home page.

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Part 4: How to assign the products to your printer

To fulfil this requirement, kindly contact our friendly Customer Support Team for assistance.

And... you're done!

Note: Thermal sticker rolls can be purchased online or at any stationary stores.

The Qashier Sticker/Label printer accepts 2 dimensions:

  • 60mm x 40mm (larger, recommended for barcode sticker printing)

  • 40mm x 30mm (smaller, recommended for bubble-tea sticker printing)

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