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[SG/MY] Manual Payment Application
[SG/MY] Manual Payment Application

Find out how to manually apply for your preferred payment methods in a single application form!

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Application Process

Step 1: Go to QashierHQ > Payment Management > Apply for Payment Services Now.

For Singapore users: click "Apply Manually"

Singapore users: Click "Apply Manually"

For Malaysia users: click "Apply Now"

Malaysia users: Click "Apply Now"

Step 2: Fill in the required information and upload all necessary documents and click on "Submit" to submit the application form for approval.

Tip: The autosave function for the application form has been removed due to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

You will be prompted to "Save as draft" if you:

  • Attempt to leave the application form page

  • Click on any other menu to go to other pages

  • Attempt to close the browser window

Documents uploaded and fields filled in by you will be saved in draft mode when you confirm to "save as draft". You can resume the application whenever you are ready by repeating step 1 above.

Step 3: You will be asked to choose your preferred payment methods to be activated once your payment application has been approved.


  • You must choose at least one type of payment method to be activated upon application approval.

  • You may apply for other payment methods even after your application has been approved.

  • If you wish to disable the payment method after it has been activated, you are required to reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.

  • Do note that for "Debit/Credit Card In-Store" - you will be required to have a Qashier-issued credit card terminal in order to accept credit card payments in your store.

Select at least one type of payment method to be activated upon your application approval, then click "Save" to submit

Checking Application Status

You can check on your application status at the "Payment Management" page. You can also view or edit details that you have submitted as long as the application has not been approved.

Note: If you would like to update your bank account details for payouts after the application has been approved, you can do so via the "Payout Information" button on the "Payment Management" page. Please refer to this article for more information.

If your application has not been approved, you can still make changes to your application form by clicking on "View/Edit Details", or selecting more payment methods to be activated upon application approval.

Once your payment application has been approved, you will be able to see the statuses of the payment methods you have selected:

Application approved but payment method has not been activated

When the application has been approved and the payment methods that you have applied for have been activated, the check box will turn grey:

"Debit/Credit Card In-Store" and "DuitNow QR" have been activated

Viewing Payout Reports

To view the payout reports, you can go to the "Payment Management" page and select "View Payout Report" on the top right hand corner:

Go to Payment Management > View Payout Report

You will be able to view the payout reports by selecting the specific type of payment method (orange box). You can also download your payout report by clicking on "Download Payout Report" (red box).

Note: The "Download Payout Report" will only generate consolidated information about payments processed by Qashier only, such as credit card (via the QashierXS White Terminal), PayNow (Singapore) or DuitNow QR (Malaysia).

Tip: When downloading the payout report, it is recommended that you download on a weekly basis as the system may take awhile to generate the report to be downloaded, especially if you have multiple stores in one QashierHQ account.

You can toggle between the payment methods to view the respective payout reports, or download the payout report.

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