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Update Stock Change with Excel in QashierHQ
Update Stock Change with Excel in QashierHQ

To guide merchant to bulk update inbound stock into their QashierPOS via QashierHQ

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Key Benefits

  1. Merchants can now easily update all their inbound stock into QashierPOS via QashierHQ using a simple excel file provided by Qashier.

  2. Assist merchants in saving time by utilising the batch update function instead of manually update individual stock count.

How to Bulk update Stock Count

Note: This function only allow for update of adding of stock and not stock reduction.

Step 1: To begin, log in to QashierHQ. Then, navigate to the left side menu and choose "Inventory Management" from the "Product Management" dropdown.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate store and then, on the right side under "Bulk Update", click on the option to "Update Stock Change with Excel".

Step 3: Click on "download" from the pop-up to access the stock update template. The update template will be automatically downloaded to the designated download folder.

Note: It is advisable for merchant to checked "Export Existing SKU" before downloading the update template. The import template will be provided in CSV format. Users are advised to always download the template from the system to ensure that they have the latest version.

Step 4: Once users have completed filling in the update template according to the provided instructions, they should proceed to step 2 to initiate the pop-up. In the pop-up, they can select the "+" button to attach the import template. Lastly, they can click on "Update" to begin the import process.

Completing the update template


If the user has a chain store, the downloaded update template will include all the stock from all store under user.

If there is a change in the price, the user should simply update it accordingly in the cost price column.

If there is any need to make changes to the individual product SKU, it is important to note that it can only be done manually via QashierHQ.

If there is decimal in the “Stock in Quantity”, User need to key in the correct decimal point.

Step 1: Please enter the total quantity of incoming stock in the "Stock in Quantity" field. This template is designed to only accommodate the addition of stock count.

Step 2: Users are to input all relevant fields properly, once completed save document and upload.

Upon completion of the stock update, the system will display the total number of rows that have been successfully updated. For instance, it will showcase 6 out of 10 product IDs updated, where 6 represents the number of products that have been successfully updated, while 10 signifies the total number of rows processed.

Common Errors

Error Message


No file selected

No file is added

Invalid file format. Please upload a file in either .csv or .xlsx only

File added is not csv or xlsx

Invalid file format. Please download the template above before uploading your new products

File added does not have the correct column headers

Unknown product SKU found on row X, where X is the row number

Does not match any Product SKU

Invalid stock in quantity found on row X, where X is the row number

Does not fit stock in requirement

Invalid cost found on row X, where X is the row number

Does not fit cost requirements

X rows with empty or 0 stock in quantity found, where X is the number of rows

There are products with 0 or empty stock in quantity show

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