QashierXS POS Setup

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You will need an internet connection to use the QashierXS POS.

Overview of QashierXS POS

What's in the box of the QashierXS POS

  1. QashierXS x 1

  2. Charging Adapter x 1

  3. Charging Cable x 1

How to turn on the QashierXS POS

  • Long hold the top button on the left side of the terminal

How to change/insert receipt roll of the QashierXS POS

  1. Lift the lid above the screen by holding down the sides of the lid.

  2. Remove any remaining paper from the previous roll and any loose pieces.

  3. Hold the new roll so that the paper feeds from the top, and place it into the compartment with the paper exit towards the front.

  4. Close the cover of the payment terminal, making sure that the paper roll is fed through the opening

    Receipt Paper Dimension: 57mm x 35mm Thermal Receipt Paper

  5. Perform a test print to ensure the receipt is able to print out properly

  6. A sample receipt will be printed out

How to charge the QashierXS POS

  1. Locate the charging port under the power button on the left of the terminal

  2. Insert the connector of the USB type c charger into the charging port

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