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[MY] GoBiz - Frequently Asked Questions
[MY] GoBiz - Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on QashierPay or Gobiz related matters:

Q: How long does it take for Gobiz to reimburse payment?

A: Gobiz will take 3-5 working days to reimburse the payment after a settlement was made

Q: Does the payment directly reimburse into my account?

A: Yes, the payment from Gobiz will be directly reimbursed to the bank account you provided during your application registration.

Q: If you have received an email stating that your payment has been withheld, what steps can you take to request its release?

A: If you have received an email regarding the above matter, kindly contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

Possibilities of receiving email regarding payment withheld by Gobiz:

Late / Non-settlement

  1. Contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance. They will be able to provide you with a list of approved transactions that have not undergone settlement

  2. Perform Settlement process on QashierPay terminal by referring to this guide

  3. Please ensure to keep the settlement slip once you processed your settlement, as you will need to provide it to our customer support at a later stage

  4. Login using your registered mobile number with Gobiz along with your password

  5. Select the terminal which you want to check the transaction on (and the option ends with - Point of Sale (POS))

  6. On the main page of the Gobiz portal, click on the menu option located at the top-left hand side of the page

  7. Under Report, select 'Approval History'

  8. Click on the Search button located on the right-hand side of the page

  9. Under transaction date, select the date of the transaction that you would like to check on

  10. Click on SEARCH to proceed

  11. After performing a search, the Gobiz portal will display a list of transaction(s), select the transaction by clicking the “>” icon next to the transaction

  12. Select SEND RECEIPT to download the receipt.

  13. Repeat Step 10 to 13 until all the transaction's receipt has been downloaded according to the list provided

  14. Provide all the approval transaction receipt(s) and settlement slip (stated in Step 3) to our customer support so that they can help to resolve last settlement issue.

Wrong Payee ID provided to Gobiz during registration

  1. You need to reconfirm with the bank which you have registered with Gobiz and ensure that the payee ID is correct

  2. In the event of an error made by the bank, please contact your respective bank and request them to rectify the mistake on your behalf

  3. If you have provided an incorrect Payee ID to Gobiz, please reach out to our customer support and provide us with the correct Payee ID for rectification

Large transactions that may be flagged by Gobiz Risk Management Team

Typically, if there are any large transactions flagged by the Gobiz Risk Management Team, they will have already sent you an email notification. The email will contain guidelines and a list of documents they require. You can directly respond to them via email or through the communication channels specified in the email.

If you did not receive any email from Gobiz Risk Management Team, kindly contact our Customer Support Team so we can help to further assist you on this matter.

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