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How to Create Combo in QashierHQ
How to Create Combo in QashierHQ
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Creating a Combo Category:

  1. Go to QashierHQ.

  2. Click on the drop-down icon under Product Management.

  3. Select Product Management.

  4. Click on the + icon beside the word 'Category'.

  5. Before entering the category name, select the option 'COMBO'.

  6. Enter the category name (AKA name of the combo).

  7. Click confirm to proceed to create the combo.

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Creating a Combo in Combo Category:

1.Click on the combo category that you created.

2. Click ADD COMBO.

3. Enter the combo name and price.

4. Click on + ADD button beside the word "Combo Sections".

"Combo Section" refers to a specific component within the combo.

For example, a noodle set that consists of two parts: Noodles and Drinks. In this case, two combo sections will be created and labelled as "Noodles" and "Drinks" respectively.

We will use the above example to create the "Combo Section".

5. Key in Noodles under Combo Section Name.

6. Click on Confirm.

7. Click on + ADD button again beside the word 'combo sections'.

8. Key in Drinks under Combo Section Name.

9. Click on Confirm.

Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 9:

10. Click on noodles under combo sections.

11. Click on + ADD/EDIT PRODUCT button.

12. Click on your category name and check the boxes of the products that you would like to add under the combo section.

13. Click Done followed by Confirm.

14. Click on Drinks under combo sections and repeat steps 11-13.

15. Once assignment is done, scroll down and click on confirm to create the combo.

Here's a video guide from Step 10 to 15:

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