How to Use the ENT Feature

Assigning an order as entertainment expenses? Here's how to do it on Qashier POS

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Step 1: Assign ENT credits to the relevant staff

Go to QashierHQ > Staff Management and select a staff who will be authorised to issue ENT. After which, select "SET ENT CREDITS".

Note: If you do not see this option, please reach out to our Customer Support team to have this feature enabled.

You can then assign a fixed ENT credit that will be issued to the staff's account. In this example, we'll set it as $500.

Step 2: Make a transaction on the POS and select ENT on the payment page

When it's time to make an ENT transaction, you can perform a normal transaction on the POS. At the payment page, select the ENT option (appears in a blue circle) and you'll be prompted to enter the staff PIN (the one who is authorised to issue ENT and has ENT credits in his/her account).

After the staff PIN is entered, you'll be able to see the leftover ENT credits in that staff's account. If there is an insufficient balance, the transaction will not be approved. If the balance is sufficient, you can press "CONFIRM" to proceed.

The ENT transaction is now completed. If you have any kitchen printers, you'll also be prompted to print the order chits.

Step 3: View ENT Reports

To view your ENT reports, go to QashierHQ > Reports. You can view the total ENT amount under the 'Sales Information' section (ENT is not added into your actual sales figures). There will also be a section titled 'Sales by ENT' that shows the breakdown of ENT transactions by each staff.

To view individual ENT transactions, go to QashierHQ > Transaction Records. Select 'ENT TRANSACTIONS' on the top right.


  • ENT credits must be enough to cover the whole bill. Split bill is NOT allowed.

  • ENT is not applicable with discounts, packages and/or credits.

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