How to Customise Receipt Header and Tail in QashierHQ

You can easily edit your receipt's header and footer to include details such as your website and Facebook page, and even your T&C/Warranty.

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Customising Your Receipt Header and Tail in QashierHQ:

You can customise the header and tail of your receipt to better reflect your brand and business. You can do so on your POS Terminal or backend portal (QashierHQ).

  1. Log in to QashierHQ

  2. Select the <gear> icon on the top right corner of your QashierHQ page


  4. Change your Receipt Header and Receipt Tail under the fields

    [If you're unsure what to input in the fields, here are some guidelines to follow]

    a. store address in the receipt header
    b. thank you note/T&C in the receipt tail

  5. Click SUBMIT to save settings

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Example of how the receipt header and footer will reflect on receipt:

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