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QashierXL POS Setup

Hardware setup of QashierXL Smart Terminal

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You will need an internet connection to use the QashierXL POS.


What's in the box of the QashierXL POS?

  • QashierXL POS Terminal

  • Power Plug

  • 1 x receipt roll

Set up Instructions for the QashierXL POS

  1. Open the panel located below the small screen of the terminal.

  2. Plug the cash drawer cable and power plug cable into the Qashier XL terminal accordingly.

*For additional hardware such as USB printer and barcode scanners, plug them into any of the 3 USB ports located in the right side of the QashierXL front panel.

Turn on Qashier XL POS

Plug Power into QashierXL POS

How to change/insert the receipt roll of the QashierXL POS?

Receipt Paper: 80mm x 70mm Thermal Receipt Paper

Perform test print:

  1. Select the "☰" button on the top right corner of the homepage

  2. Select ‘test inbuilt print’

  3. You should see a sample printout.

Sample Print:

How to connect the QashierXL to a cash drawer?

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