1. Ensure that both the Qashier Smart Terminal and the card terminal is turned on and connected to the Wifi.

2. On the Qashier Smart Terminal, go to <TRANSACTION RECORD> from the homepage.

3. Select the transaction that you want to make a refund for. (Note: you can select the appropriate date of the transaction using the Calendar icon at the top left)

4. At the bottom of the transaction record, select the red 'VOID/REFUND' button.

5. Enter your terminal PIN and reason for refunding the transaction.

6. The transaction has now been voided and the amount will be automatically refunded to the customer's card. (Note: depending on the customer's bank, it can take up 2-3 working days to reflect on the customer's statement)

Note: You can only make a refund from the Qashier Smart Terminal within 14 days of the transaction AND if transaction is less than $5,000. For refunds after the 14-day period OR more than $5,000, drop us an email at [email protected] with your store name, address, receipt number and refund reason.

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