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How to Refund Credit Card Transactions in Qashier POS
How to Refund Credit Card Transactions in Qashier POS

How to process a refund for card payments through the Qashier Smart Terminal

Updated over a week ago

To void/refund a credit card transaction:

  1. Select TRANSACTION RECORD in POS homepage

  2. Select a transaction that you want to make a refund for

    You can select the appropriate date of the transaction using the calendar icon at the top left

  3. Tap on VOID/REFUND

  4. Select YES to confirm to void transaction

  5. Enter your STAFF PIN

  6. Followed by TERMINAL PIN

  7. Enter the REASON for refunding the transaction

  8. The transaction has now been voided and the amount will be automatically refunded to the customer's card

    Depending on the customer's bank, it can take up to 2-3 working days for the refund to reflect on the customer's statement


You can only make a refund from the Qashier POS within 3 days of the transaction AND if transaction is less than $2,000.

For refunds after the 3-day period OR more than $2,000, drop us an email at [email protected] with your store name, transaction number and refund reason.

Partial refunds are not allowed. You can only refund in full.

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