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Z-Reading - Exporting Report Using Qashier POS Terminal
Z-Reading - Exporting Report Using Qashier POS Terminal
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Qashier provides merchants with the ability to effortlessly extract and print Z-Reading directly from their POS terminal apart from using QashierHQ. This streamlined feature enhances efficiency and accessibility for merchants, ensuring swift access to crucial reports.

How To Extract

  1. Access your POS terminal by logging in.

  2. Navigate to the 'Reports' section.

  3. Choose the 'Z-Reading' option.

  4. Utilize the calendar icon to specify the desired date and time range.

  5. Select the envelope icon and then 'OK' to print the Z-Reading report.


  1. The date range for report extraction is only up to 30 days.

  2. It is advisable to print the report at every end of shift/business operating hours.

  3. If merchants need to print the report more than once a day, limit the printing to 7 times only, since loading time may be long depending on the internet speed and number of transactions.

  4. Double check the filtered time and date on the terminal to ensure accuracy of the report.

Tip: The Z-Reading extracted from the terminal adheres to the date and time filters set on the report page. This means that if the merchant has an 'Opening time' set, the extraction process will follow and reflect that filter. This feature is particularly beneficial for bars and bistros with opening times past midnight.

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