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1. How long does it take for the Lianlian Pay QR application to be approved?

Ans: It will take approximately 3 to 5 working days.

2. Can the merchants change the settlement type halfway through using Lianlian Pay (LLP) with us? (e.g. From manual settlement to auto settlement, vice versa.)

Ans: Merchants can change the payment settlement mode (e.g. From manual settlement to auto settlement, vice versa) at any point in time.

Follow the steps below to change the payment settlement mode.

Step 1: Go to LianLian Dashboard, click on the person icon, then click on "Account Detail"

Step 2: Click on "Settlement Info". Toggle to your preferred payout method, then click "Submit" to save the changes.


  • Changing the settlement mode via LianLian dashboard is instant, hence there will be no downtime for the merchants to accept payments from their customers, or receive their payouts after they have changed the settlement type (e.g. From manual to auto settlement, vice versa).

    • From manual settlement to auto settlement: the payouts will be automatically settled and paid out to the merchant's bank account in T+1 working day.

    • From auto settlement to manual settlement: the remaining payouts will not be settled until merchants perform manual settlement on the LianLian dashboard. After settlement has been performed, it will take T+1 working day for the merchant to receive the payouts in their bank account.

3. Does Lianlian QR payment method support merchant-scan?

Ans: Merchant-scan is not supported for the Lianlian QR integration. Currently, only customer-scan is supported by this integration.

Note: Merchant-scan refers to our merchants scanning the QR code that is generated by the bank or e-wallet application of our merchant's customers.

4. Will the merchant be charged with the MDR if they perform a refund before making transaction settlement?


  • If the merchant performs a refund before the transaction settlement cut-off time (8pm daily), they will not be charged the MDR.

  • If the merchant needs to perform a refund but the transaction settlement is done, they will be charged the MDR.

Merchants must also take note that for each refund being performed, they will be charged 15THB per refund, and they must ensure that they have sufficient balance in their Lianlian Dashboard in order to perform a refund.

5. Are there any fees or deadlines to take note of for performing refunds?

Ans: Please refer to the table below.

Payment Type

Can a refund be made via Lianlian Dashboard?

Refund fee applicable?

Deadline to perform refund via Lianlian Dashboard?

  • WechatPay

  • AliPay

15THB per refund

Within 180 days from the date the transaction was successfully paid by the customer

  • True Wallet*

  • LINE Pay*

  • ShopeePay*

*If customers make payment through these payment methods, the merchant must manually refund the customer (e.g. Via cash).



6. How to void and refund Lianlian QR transactions?

Ans: Refunding of transacted amounts and voiding of transactions can only be done via the LianLian Dashboard.

Once the transaction has been voided on the LianLian Dashboard, the money will need to be refunded to the customer.

  • If settlement has not been done: the money will be automatically refunded back to the customer.

  • If settlement has been done (i.e. The merchant has already received the payout in their bank account): the merchant will need to refund the money back to the customer manually, for example via cash.

Merchants should still void the POS transaction paid via Lianlian Pay on their QashierPOS terminal to ensure that their sales will tally at the end of the day.

7. Are there any fees involved for performing settlement to receive the payouts?

Ans: Yes. Depending on whether the merchant has chosen automatic or manual settlement, the fees involved may vary.

  • For automatic settlement (i.e. Transaction settlement is made everyday): a 15THB payout withdrawal fee will be applicable everyday.

  • For manual settlement (i.e. Transaction settlement is made weekly instead of on a daily basis): a 15THB payout withdrawal fee will be applicable per settlement.

8. What is the payout period?


  • The transaction settlement cut-off timing to meet the payout period is fixed at 8pm daily.

  • Payouts will be made to the merchants in T+1 working day after settlement, and this does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

9. Are payouts affected by weekends and public holidays?

Ans: Yes, payouts are affected by weekends and public holidays. For transactions that were made on weekends and/or public holidays, they will be processed on the next working day.

10. For payouts, which country's calendar should we follow with regards to public holidays?

Ans: Please see the table below.

Payment Type

Payout affected by Thailand Public Holidays?

Payout affected by China Public Holidays?




WeChat Pay


11. If the merchant left with 10THB balance, how will Lianlian process the payout for both auto and manual settlements?

Ans: Merchants must have a minimum balance of 100THB in order to process payouts for both auto and manual settlements. Otherwise, Lianlian will not be able to process the payouts.

12. If merchants change bank accounts from the Lianlian Dashboard, will Lianlian reach out to the merchants to redo the KYC?

Ans: Merchants can change their bank account details on their own via the Lianlian Dashboard at any point of time. Lianlian will not reach out to the merchant to repeat the KYC process.

However, the merchant must make sure that the bank account holder's name matches the owner's name (if the merchant is an individual merchant), or the company's name (if the merchant is a corporate merchant).

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