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  • The POS version should be 20231107 and later.

  • Interested merchants should contact Customer Support to enable the "Inventory Management" feature to use the Stock Take function.

How to use Stock Take in QashierPOS

  1. Start by navigating to the homepage of POS. From here, you can easily locate and select the "Inventory Management" option which will direct you to Inventory Management.

2. In the "Inventory Management", select "Stock Take" at the top of the screen to access the Stock Take page.

3. After the user accesses the Stock Take, choose the appropriate product. Users can utilize the search bar or scanner if there are a large number of products to manage.

The search bar allows users to easily find a specific product by entering its name or SKU. Similarly, the scanner allows you to simply scan the barcode of the product.

4. Physically count the items in your inventory and input the quantity into the designated field on the right side of the item list. Once you have completed counting and inputting, you can proceed by selecting the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page to confirm and save the stock take.

5. After the user clicks “SUBMIT”, users will be navigated back to the Inventory Management page. Now, they can select any items to view the difference between the expected quantity from the system counted versus the real quantity from manually counted.


  • If manually counted is more than expected, the difference will be shown in green

  • If manually counted is less than expected, the difference will be shown in red

  • If the manually counted is equal to the expected, the difference will be 0 and shown in the original font color


  • Users are allowed to enter "0" in the counted quantity input field and "0" will be saved as the counted quantity

  • If the user does not enter any values for that product (left the input field blank), no stock take will be saved for that product

  • For decimal quantity products, users can only enter a value that has the same decimal points or less. i.e if there are 2 decimal places, they can only enter 10/ 10.0/ 10.00 but not 10.000

Warning: This stock take action WILL NOT change the stock quantity automatically. It is only used as a tallying mechanism like "Cash Tally" in Cash Management.

Using Stock Take in QashierHQ

  1. To begin, log in to QashierHQ. Then, navigate to the left side menu and choose "Inventory Management" from the "Product Management" dropdown.

2. Choose the appropriate store and then, select the product that has stock take information, users will see the stock take details in the details column.

How to export Stock Take data from QashierHQ

Users can also view stock take and details in the exported .csv file.

1. From the "Inventory Management" page, on the right side under "Export", select the option "Stock take report". Users can also choose to export all stock take for all products in each date range.

2. The .csv file will be automatically downloaded to the designated download folder.




Can the user perform a stock take on HQ?

No, this stock-take function can only be performed on POS version 20231107 and above

If there is a difference between the counted amount and the expected amount, will the stock quantity be updated?

No, this function only serves as a tallying mechanism, and whatever differences are found between expected and manually counted will not change the stock quantity of the product.

Will the stock take action and details be shown in the stock movements export?

Yes, they will be shown.

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