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How to update product prices via Excel
How to update product prices via Excel
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You can now easily update your product prices by uploading an Excel file instead of manually performing a bulk update through QashierHQ's Product Management. This method is particularly beneficial for users with many products that need pricing updates, providing them with a more convenient and efficient solution.

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to QashierHQ > Product Management > Select the store where the prices of the products need to be updated.

Step 2: Select Bulk Action > Update Product Price via Excel.

Step 3: Download the Excel template.

Step 4: The user can search for the product within the Excel file that they have downloaded, and proceed to make changes to the prices in column G.

Prices reflected in the downloaded Excel file are the existing prices of the products.


  • Product Id (Column A) should remain unchanged as this would prevent the system from matching the product to its new price.

  • Changes made to Column B to F (e.g. Making changes to the product name in Column B) will not have any effect on the product information.

  • If there are specific products that don't need their prices updated, the users have two options. They can either remove the rows of those products from the Excel file before uploading it back into the QashierHQ portal, or they can simply leave the rows as they are. This is because the system will automatically overwrite the product price with the existing price.

Step 5: Once the prices have been updated, save the Excel file.

Step 6: To upload the updated Excel file, repeat steps 1 and 2. After which, select the "+" button and choose the file from your local drive, then select the "Upload" button to upload the Excel file.

The user should see a "File uploaded successfully" notification appearing at the bottom right of the screen. Changes to the product prices will be reflected immediately.

To check if the prices are correctly reflected, the user will need to select the product that they have made updates to the price.

Price of the "Gold Flower Earrings" has been successfully updated to $25.00 from $20.00.

Common error messages and their meaning

Error message


Invalid product ID found on row X

The product ID is unable to match any product in the system.

Invalid price found on row X. Price must be a positive number.

Price entered is not a positive number.

No price found on row X. Do not leave this field empty.

No price was found for that product, or the price entered is not a number.

Invalid price found on row X. Price can have a maximum of 2 decimals only.

Price entered has more than 2 decimal places.

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