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Android Factory Reset on QashierX1/XL POS Terminals
Android Factory Reset on QashierX1/XL POS Terminals
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Note: Before attempting this process, please ensure that the latest transaction records on your POS have been updated.

Ensure all Latest Transaction is updated

  1. Log in to QashierHQ

  2. Select from the Transactions dropdown on the left of the page,

  3. Select "Transactions"

  4. Confirm that the latest transaction matches the one on your Qashier POS.

Missing transaction records can not be recovered if the sync was not done before clearing the reset.

Follow these steps to perform an Android factory reset on the Qashier POS (X1/XL) terminal:

For XL merchants, please check if the merchant is using an older XL (XL terminal with no Google Playstore). These merchants require Tech team to assist in installing Qashier POS if factory reset is done for them

  1. Go to the Qashier POS homepage

  2. Select the "☰" button on the top right-hand corner of the POS homepage

  3. Select "WIFI"

  4. Swipe from the edge of the left screen, towards the right

  5. Scroll down until you see ''Back up & reset''

  6. Tap on "Factory data reset"

  7. Select "Reset phone"

  8. Select "Erase Everything"

The terminal will take a few minutes to reset
After the terminal restarts,
1. Connect to WIFI
2. Find the Qashier App
3. Log in with your Qashier Username & Password

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Perform Factory Reset and Reinstall QashierPOs on X1(to solve Ad Issue)

Note: Always ensure that all transaction is sync before doing factory reset.

1. Perform factory reset on the terminal as above

2. Delete Qashier App, by holding on the "Qashier Icon" then drag to "Remove".

3. Update POS using FOTA update

Note: If FOTA version is v1.10/11 and before, they have to do a factory reset

4. Connect to WiFi

5. Enable Play Protect via "Playstore Icon"

6. Disable Chrome App Permissions

7. Opt out of Google Ads Personalization from "Settings"

8. Re-installation of QashierPOS application via:

9. Enable Duraspeed for QashierPOS

Perform Factory Reset on X1 when setting page not accessible

1. Power off the X1 Terminal

2. Once X1 Terminal is completely off, hold down all 3 buttons to access recovery mode

3.Use the down button on the side to move to "option with eMMC" and then use the power button to select

4. Terminal will revert to the original factory settings

Note: Doing this will delete all the data and memory in the POS. Do make sure that all transactions have been synced to the HQ before doing a factory reset. You can check by ensuring wifi is turned on, and going to the Reports function to check that the latest report is loaded.

Hard Reset on X1 Terminal

1. If the POS device is turned on, it must be shut down before proceeding to the following steps.

2. Use a pin to press the tiny button on the left side of the POS right below the volume button it'll do a hard reset of the terminal. (If this does not work, try to press the power button while pressing the pin on the left side of the POS.)

3. Open the Qashier App

4. Input your account login

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