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Manage Your Tax Setting
Updated over a week ago

Feature Overview

With Qashier, you can apply tax to your sales by managing the tax setting in QashierHQ.

Key benefits

Set up your tax arrangement based on your business registered:

  • No Tax

  • Tax Inclusive

  • Tax Exclusive

How to use it?

❗️Warning: Before starting any operations, ensure that this setting is adjusted. It is important not to make any edits during operations to avoid mixing multiple tax arrangements in your reports.

  • Go to QashierHQ .

  • Click on the ⚙ Settings from the top navigation bar.

  • Select Store Settings.

  • You can choose the applicable tax arrangement:

    1. No Tax

    2. Tax Inclusive

    3. Tax Exclusive

📌 Note: Singapore is being used in this article as an example to illustrate the tax arrangements available, hence "No GST", "GST Inclusive" and "GST Exclusive" are seen in the images below.

If you are from Malaysia, it will be displayed as "No SST", "SST Inclusive" and "SST Exclusive".

If you are from Thailand or the Philippines, it will be displayed as "No VAT", "VAT Inclusive" and "VAT Exclusive".

  • Input the Tax Rate below the tax arrangement.

📌 Note: For Malaysian merchants - starting from 1 March 2024, there will be changes in tax rates that you need to be aware of:

Services that will continue to be taxed at 6% SST:

  • Logistics Services

  • Food and Drinks Services

  • Telecommunication Services

  • Parking services

Services that will be increased to 8% SST:

  • All other services not mentioned above

Feature Impact

The tax setup will be applied to:

  1. POS sales transaction

  2. HQ invoice creation

  3. Static & Dynamic QR ordering

  4. QashierEats

  5. All sorts of reporting and transaction records

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