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How to Enable Open Price for Your Product
How to Enable Open Price for Your Product
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What is Open Price

An open price item enables merchants to customise the product price at any time in the POS page.

Merchants can easily activate the option for the customised prices of their products by following the steps below.

How to activate open price for goods or services via QashierHQ portal

Step 1: Access the Qashier HQ page. Navigate to the Product Management dropdown on the left side, click to expand the menu and select Product Management.

Step 2: On the Product Management page, select the appropriate store then choose the tab, category, and product in which user wants to activate the customized price. User should see the "Edit Product" page.

Step 3: On the "Edit Product" page, scroll down and search for the "Allow Open Price" check box. Check on the checkbox then select confirm.

How to activate open price for goods or services via QashierPOS terminal

Step 1: Go to the POS home page and select the menu button (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner

Step 2: Select "Manage Products"

Step 3: Select "POS Products"

Step 4: Select the appropriate tab and category

Step 4: Select the product

Step 5: Scroll down, check the box "Allow Open Price", then select "Confirm" to save the changes

How to use open price in QashierPOS terminal

Step 1: Access POS & Payment and select Tab, Category and Product that open price is available

Step 2: On the product page, the user should see the "Customized Price" field that is available for a user to key in the customized price.

Step 3: Adjust the quantity if necessary, then continue the payment flow.

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