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[MY] How To Apply For DuitNow QR
[MY] How To Apply For DuitNow QR
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DuitNow QR payment allows for a seamless payment experience for customers. Customers can easily scan and make payments using their preferred bank or e-wallet application when presented with the DuitNow QR on the merchant's POS system. Additionally, merchants can benefit from next-business-day payouts, helping to maintain a healthy cashflow for their business.

How to Apply for DuitNow QR

To apply for the DuitNow QR application process, merchants will need to submit their own application. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply:

1. Login to Qashier HQ

2. To start the application process, navigate to the left column panel and select "Payment Management." Then, simply click on "APPLY NOW" under DuitNow QR.

3. The following fields will be automatically filled in, except for "Payout Information" and "Store Information":

- Email Address

- Company Registered Name

- Business Registration Number

- Business Type

- Business Description

4. In the Payout Information section, the merchant will need to perform the following steps:

- Select "Bank Account".

- Enter the "Full name of the Account Holder" and select the respective "Bank".

- Provide the "Account Number".

Note: the Swift Code will be automatically filled in once the bank is selected.


There are Islamic and non-Islamic Bank account to choose from. Make sure merchant choose the correct bank by referring to the Swift Code shown below the name of the bank.

There are 2 ways to determine whether it is an Islamic or non-Islamic Bank account:

  • Refer to the header of merchant’s bank statement

  • Merchant to contact bank to verify

5. Under Store Information, fill in "Store Address" and "Postal Code" field then check the terms and conditions check box and select “Submit” to submit DuitNow QR application

Application Status

There are only two application statuses for the DuitNow QR application:

1. Processing: This status indicates that the merchant's application is currently being processed.

2. Approved: This status indicates that the merchant's application has been approved.

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