What is Modifier?
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Modifiers are additional set of customisable options that can be applied to your products. This allows your customers to personalise their orders such as toppings, upgrades or preferences.

The use of modifiers varies depending on the industry type:

  • In the food and beverage industry, for example, modifiers can be incorporated into your dishes in several ways. This includes adding a side dish, dessert, or drink to any entree, or offering additional toppings and extra protein options.

  • In the retail industry, modifiers can be applied to products in various ways. This includes the option to add a customised service to the purchased product, an additional warranty, a delivery service, or any required upgrades.

  • In the service industry, modifiers offer a range of options to enhance the services provided. This includes the ability to incorporate additional services or upgrade to a higher-tier package.

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