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[SG] How to perform settlement for QashierPay
[SG] How to perform settlement for QashierPay

To help merchant better understand how settlement works

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Note: Merchants are given the option to determine whether they prefer to settle transactions automatically or manually.

In order to perform an auto or manual settlement, merchants must ensure that the QashierPay terminal is connected to the internet.

Set up Auto-Settlement

Please reach out to our Customer Support team to notify them that you would like to activate/deactivate automatic settlement for your QashierPay terminal.

To enable automatic settlement, you can easily set up to three time slots within a day. Simply provide the following details to our dedicated Customer Support Agent:

  • Time slots for settlement within the day (up to 3 slots per day)

  • Day of the week for settlement preference

Note: Auto settlement can only be configured through our Customer Support Agents.


Once the auto-settlement time has been set up by the Qashier Customer Support Team, a notification will appear on the QashierPay Terminal on the scheduled day and time of settlement. This notification will inform the merchant that the auto-settlement will occur.

To postpone the auto-settlement, merchants should choose "Cancel" from the pop-up within 10 seconds. Failure to do so will result in the terminal automatically performing the auto-settlement.

If a merchant selects "Cancel", the pop-up message will appear again after 5 minutes, giving the merchant another opportunity to decide whether to proceed with the settlement.

Note: If a merchant selects "Cancel" three times, the QashierPay terminal will be automatically prevented from performing the auto-settlement. Alternatively, the merchant can still manually initiate the settlement.

Manual Settlement

Please follow the steps provided below to successfully complete a manual settlement:

1. To begin, locate the "Burger Menu" in the top right corner of the QashierPay Terminal. From the menu that appears, select "QashierPay".

2. Once you are in the QashierPay Application, click on "Settlement" to initiate the settlement process.

3. The QashierPay Application will process the settlement and display the outcome, indicating whether it was successful or failed, as shown in the accompanying image.

4. If there is enough receipt roll in the QashierPay terminal, a Settlement report will be automatically printed out.

5. Alternatively, merchants can access the QashierPay application and select "Overview" to check on the settlement. This will display the terminal status, including the date and time of the last settlement.

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