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[MY] How to Accept Payment via GoBiz
[MY] How to Accept Payment via GoBiz
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How to accept payment using QashierPay terminal?

  1. Go to POS & PAYMENT

  2. Insert the amount to be charge on customer

  3. Tap on NEXT to proceed to the next page

  4. Select VISA / MASTERCARD icon

  5. Customer will be able to pay tap, insert or swipe their credit/debit card to make payment

  6. Upon the approval of the transaction, a receipt containing the credit/debit card details and transaction information will be generated and printed

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Payment cards accepted by QashierPay terminal

Accepted payment cards

  • Local Debit cards - both VISA and MASTERCARD

  • Local Credit cards - VISA, MASTERCARD and UNION Pay

  • Overseas debit/credit card **

Unaccepted payment cards

  • Both AMEX debit or credit card

  • Overseas debit/credit card **

**NOTE: Depending on your business nature. For further inquiries, kindly contact our Customer Support Team

Payment options for customer on the QashierPay terminal

There are 3 payment options for customer to make payment

  1. Insert Debit/Credit Card and get your customer to enter the PIN number

  2. Swipe the card on the right-hand side of the terminal and get your customer to enter the PIN number

  3. Tap the card on the paywave icon

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