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What You Need To Know About GrabFood Integration
Updated over a week ago

The integration of GrabFood with Qashier POS enables merchants to utilize the Qashier POS system for receiving, accepting, and managing GrabFood orders, menus, reports, and printing order chits. This integration eliminates the need for using multiple devices. providing a streamlined solution for efficient order management.

Here are some key information that you should look out for when managing your Grabfood Integration:

1. Menu and service hours

It allows configuration of three different time ranges within a single day. This means you can specify a maximum of three time slots which your menu is available to customers

E.g. Monday 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm, 5pm - 7pm

2. Taxes

Ensure that the prices of your menu items on QashierHQ do not include taxes, as the tax calculations and configurations will be handled on Grab's platform. Any other tax related matters, please contact Grab support.

3. Orders Statuses to Look Out For

Available Order Types -

  • Pick-up (Now)

  • Delivery (Now) - Delivered by Grab

  • Delivery (Scheduled) - Delivered by Grab

  • Delivered by Restaurant (e.g. restaurant has their own riders to make deliveries)

Acceptance of Orders - Order acceptance can be set as manual or auto by the merchant, in the GrabFood system. Once an order is confirmed, it automatically accepts it and print out a order chit from your Qashier POS.

Marked as Prepared - There is no need to manually mark the order as prepared. You can proceed with preparing the order once it is received

Marked as Picked Up - Order will be automatically marked as picked-up once customer/driver selects "mark as picked up" on their Grab app

Voiding/Cancellation of Orders -

  • If a customer cancels an order, the system will automatically void the order.

  • If you decide to void an order, you are required to initiate the process by contacting Grab through the live chat and request for the voiding of order. Once the voiding request has been successfully processed by Grab, you will then need to manually void the order on the Qashier POS

4. Receipts/Order Chits

Order Number Format - For both pick-up and delivery orders, the order number format will be as follows: GF - XXXX (1234)

Rider/Customer Pickup Time - Regardless of whether it is a delivery or pick-up order, the receipt will not display the pick-up time


  • When you provide a discount, the details of the discount will be visible on the receipt as well as in the transaction records and reports

  • When the discount is provided by Grab, the details of the discount will not be displayed on the receipt, as well as in the transaction records and reports

Fees - All fees, including the service fee (delivery fee and platform fee), small order fee, and priority delivery fee, are excluded from the receipt, transaction records, and reports.

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