How To Integrate Xero With Qashier

Synchronise sales data and streamline your accounting and financial management processes in just a few steps.

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With this integration setup, it allows you to automatically sync your daily POS sales to Xero.

Qashier's sales data is synced with Xero in a one-way process. Once you have completed the integration process, the sales data will be automatically synced to Xero.

Please note that any sales data generated on the POS before completing the integration process will not be synced to Xero.

Xero generates a daily sales invoice based on the total sales from Qashier's reports, automatically created at midnight.

To connect Xero with Qashier:

Part I: Create New App in Xero

  1. Login to Xero

  2. Select New App

  3. Fill in the form with the following information provided from a-e

    1. App name = QashierApp

    2. Integration type = Select Web app

    3. Company or application URL =

    4. Read and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions

  4. Select Create app

  5. Find the Configuration button on the left side of the page

  6. Select Configuration

    Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Part II: Link Xero with Qashier

  1. Login to Qashier HQ

  2. Select Settings (gear icon) on the top right corner of the page


  4. Client ID

  5. Client Secret

  6. Select Submit

  7. Select the organization you want to connect with your Qashier Store

  8. Select Allow access

  9. Once it is connected, you will be redirected back to your QashierHQ settings page

  10. Select Store dropdown list

  11. Select the Qashier store you would like to connect to Xero

  12. Select the organization (Xero tenant) you want to sync to

  13. Select from the Accounts for Products dropdown list accordingly

  14. Select from the Default Payment Account*** dropdown list accordingly

  15. Select SAVE

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

***If Default Payment Account details are not showing, please follow the steps below to enable it.

  1. Login to Xero

  2. Select Accounting, from the menu at the top of the page

  3. Select Chart of accounts

  4. Select + Add Account

  5. Fill in:

    1. Account type = Select Current Asset

    2. Code = any numbers for your reference

    3. Name = any name for your reference

    4. Description (optional)

    5. Tax

    6. Tick "Enable payments to this account"

    7. Click "Save"

Refresh the QashierHQ portal and reattempt step 14

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

Sample report that will be generated on Xero:

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