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How to Use Slot Management in Qashier POS
How to Use Slot Management in Qashier POS

Run a business that charges based on time (e.g. entertainment, playground etc)? Qashier helps you easily keep track of all your customers.

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The time slot management feature is useful for merchants in the entertainment sector such as indoor playgrounds or pet cafes where you will be able to allocate and manage specific time slots for time-based activities.


The time slot function does not tie into a transaction. Please ensure the transaction is made before creating a time slot.

To add a time slot:

  1. Select POS & PAYMENT, from the homepage

  2. Select PROCEED TO POS

  3. Select a service

  4. Complete transaction

  5. Select ADD SLOT, at the top right corner


  7. COUNT DOWN / COUNT UP (choose 1)

    1. COUNT DOWN (i.e. based on timelimit e.g. 1 hour of playtime)

      1. Enter customer name

      2. Enter minutes to count down

        Here’s a video guide from step 1 to 7:

    2. COUNT UP (i.e. no time-limit charged based on time spent)

      1. Enter customer name

      2. Enter the ending time of the session

Here’s a step-by-step video guide:

How Do I know if A Session is Ending?

Blue: Ongoing count-up slot

Orange: Ongoing countdown slot

Red: Countdown time's up

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