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How to Do a Firmware Update on QashierX1 POS
How to Do a Firmware Update on QashierX1 POS
Updated over a week ago

To perform a firmware update on Qashier X1 POS:

  1. Tap on the "☰" icon on the top right-hand corner of the POS homepage

  2. Select Wifi

  3. Swipe from the edge of the left screen, towards the right

  4. Scroll down and select 'Apps'

  5. Select 'Qashier POS'

  6. Tap on the 'Force Stop' button followed by OK and the Qashier app will close

  7. Select "𓃑"

  8. Tap on the 'Fota Update' app and it will bring you to the system update page with the current version stated

  9. Tap on the 'check version'

There are 2 scenarios after tapping on check version:

  1. It shows 'Current version is the latest version', if you receive this message, no action is required on your end

  2. If prompted to download and update the current version, select the download button, followed by update

    1. Once the system automatically restarts, you may return to your Qashier app and relogin accordingly

Here's a video guide from Step 1 to 9:

(This video guide is showing scenario 1)

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