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How to do Soft Reset on the Sticker Printer
How to do Soft Reset on the Sticker Printer
Updated over a week ago

📌 Note: The soft reset is meant to "refresh" the printer and will not remove any setting made to the sticker printer.

Follow these steps to soft reset the Sticker printer:

  1. Start by switching OFF the sticker printer.

  2. Find the feed button located on the front of the sticker printer.

Hold down the feed button and keep it pressed for steps 3 & 4:

3. Turn ON the Sticker Printer (while still holding the feed button down), you will see a red light

4. (continue holding down the feed button) Observe the red light goes off, and the blue light lights up with a beep sound

5. Release the feed button when you hear the beep sound and see the blue light.

6. Wait a few seconds, and a configuration chit will be printed, showing the printer's factory default settings. This confirms that the reset was successful.

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

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