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Qashier POS Software
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Here's a range of software solutions that are provided by Qashier

If you're looking for software specifically to your industry, please visit this link:

Calendar Booking Icons - Free SVG & PNG Calendar Booking Images - Noun  Project

Calendar and Booking Management


Stay on top of schedules by simply adding new bookings to a calendar


Manage rooms bookings, assign customers, and duration. It's so easy!


Perfect for businesses that charge for the duration of services

Customer management Vector Icons free download in SVG, PNG Format

Customer Management

Customer Management - PERFECT FOR RETAIL!

Collect important customer contacts. Data to grow your business!

Loyalty Management (Package, Credits, Points) - PERFECT FOR BEAUTY/WELLNESS!

Sell and redeem packages and credits, or reward points with a complete customer relationship management system

Commission Management - PERFECT FOR BEAUTY/WELLNESS!

Incentivise your highest earners to do more the business

Transaction Management Svg Png Icon Free Download (#167075) -  OnlineWebFonts.COM

Sales and Transactions Management

Cash Management

Keep your mind on your money! Track your cash flow at a glance

Discount Management & Promotions

Run promotions and offer your customers a deal they can't refuse!

Tiered Pricing

Set different prices for the same product or service easily

Voucher Management

Redeem and track your vouchers!

Table Management - PERFECT FOR F&B!

A bird's eye view to manage guests, orders, bills and more

OR Ordering for Table Management - PERFECT FOR F&B!

Customers place orders, pay online, all with their own mobile devices

Inventory Icon Png #340440 - Free Icons Library

Inventory and Product Management

Inventory Management

Automatically track inventory and be alerted when you're running low

Ingredient Management - PERFECT FOR F&B!

Keep operations running smooth by knowing when you're running low

Product Management

Efficiently manage your POS products and inventory


Group items together and sell the combo at a more attractive price

Integration icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download


Food Delivery Integration - PERFECT FOR F&B!

Get rid of multiple ordering devices! With Qashier, you can receive your GrabFood/Foodpanda orders directly on your POS

QashierEats Integration - PERFECT FOR F&B!

Your very own online platform to receive orders with zero commissions!

Shopify Integration - PERFECT FOR RETAIL!

Have your own Shopify account? Qashier pairs well with Shopify!

WooCommerce Integration - PERFECT FOR RETAIL!

Your progress with WooCommerce syncs easily with Qashier

Xero Integration

Managing finances with Xero? Qashier integrates perfectly with it!

Shopping Mall Integration - PERFECT FOR ALL!

Seamless GTO integration between Qashier and mall management system

business report analysis Icon - Free PNG & SVG 3135135 - Noun Project

Reports and Analysis

Invoice Management - PERFECT FOR ALL!

Issue invoices and keep track of customer payments

Staff Management

Empower your best people with better access to manage transactions

Time Card

Let's get to work! Keep track of your employees' clock in/out times

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