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Qashier POS Hardware & Accessories
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Qashier provides a full suite of hardware solutions according to your needs

If you're located in one of the following regions: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. You may purchase hardware from our online store HERE!



Cash Drawer

Our cash drawer connects seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal and helps you to take cash payments with ease.


Ordering Tablet

For portability and mobility, QashierTab is an 8" Android tablet for table-to-table orders. Orders created on QashierTab automatically sync with Qashier POS Terminal.

Kitchen Display System

QashierKDS integrates seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal to automatically and instantly display all your orders in your kitchen.

Kitchen Printer

Our 80mm thermal printer connects to your Qashier POS terminal either by USB or Wi-Fi. Use it as a kitchen printer for convenient order-taking or as a receipt printer for your customers.

Label/Sticker Printer

A Label/Sticker Printer prints text and barcode labels, which can then be pasted to products or items to help keep them organized or provide more information.

Barcode Scanners

Desktop Barcode Scanner

Perfect for minimarts and supermarkets, our omnidirectional barcode scanner allows you to easily scan the barcodes of your items and add them to the POS order. *Best suited for QashierXL

Handheld barcode Scanner

Simply connect it to the Qashier POS terminal via USB and use it when required. *Best suited for QashierXL

F&B Page System

An F&B pager system streamlines food and beverage operations by using wireless pagers to alert customers when their order is ready.

Queue Display System

A Queue Display System is a digital screen that shows the order in which people are being served, helping to reduce wait times and make it easier to understand who's next in line.

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