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How to Split a Bill in Qashier POS
How to Split a Bill in Qashier POS
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Split a bill on POS:

Here's a scenario where split bill by Transaction would happen:

Jack and Jill goes to a restaurant, with the final bill adding up to $50. They decide to split the bill equally.

  1. Select POS & PAYMENT.

  2. Choose your products accordingly.

  3. Select ADD & CLOSE to save the products in your cart.

  4. Select PAY to proceed to payment page.

  5. Tap on SPLIT on the top left-hand corner of the payment page.

  6. Select + or - icon to adjust the number of parts which you would like to split into.(this is based on the number of pax that are sharing the bill)

  7. Check and ensure the amount split is correct.

  8. Tap on MAKE PAYMENT.

  9. Proceed to select the part, followed by the payment method.

  10. Tap on CONFIRM to make your payment for Part 1.

  11. Tap on BACK TO PAYMENT.

  12. You will see that the status for part 1 has been changed from Not Paid to Paid.

  13. Proceed to make payment for Part 2 by selecting the payment method.

  14. Tap on CONFIRM to make payment for Part 2.

  15. Tap on BACK TO POS once payment has been made.

Here's a step-by-step video guide:

This is how the receipt looks like:

Important things to take note of:

General information

  • A maximum of 10 splits are allowed per transaction

  • After the split, it is technically the same transaction, hence the receipt number stays the same

  • The split can be reverted as long as no parts have been paid

    • However, if at least one part has been paid, the transaction must be fully paid up before you can proceed to other other pages on the POS

Payment methods

  • ENT, Invoice and Staff Credits are not available for split

  • For parts paid by cash, each part will have its own cash rounding


  • After each part is paid, the receipt printed out (or E-Receipt sent to the customer) will only be for the part itself.

  • To print the full receipt, go to Transaction Records -> Print Receipt


  • Points of the ENTIRE transaction will be awarded to the customer that was selected at the Point of Sale page, no matter the split.


  • If you want to void, it will void the entire transaction. Merchants are not allowed to void each part.

  • After voiding, auto credit card amount will be refunded to the customer's card, while all other payment methods has to be manually refunded to the customer via cash or other means.

Transaction records

  • There will be an "Unpaid" selector in the filter selection where you can select to view only unpaid transactions

    • In this case, unpaid transactions refers to split bill transactions that are partially paid (1 payment or more).


  • There will be an "Unpaid Transaction(s)" row added to the Sales information table, where transaction(s) amount of transactions that are partially paid (1 payment ormore) will appear here.

  • The sales amount will only be added to the "Total Sales", "Gross Sales" and "Net Sales" once the transaction is fully paid up.

Edge cases

  • If the POS crashes during the split bill where one or more parts have been paid, you can go to the "Transaction Records" page on the POS to find the partially paid bill and complete the payment.

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