How to register an account on Qashier App
Before you can get started, here's how you can register an account easily.
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Qashier is a great place to manage your day-to-day operations, only if you're able to create an account. The process is simple and can be done in a few steps.

Step 1: Register a New Account

Open the Qashier app, and select Register New Account.

Step 2: Enter Email Address

Enter your email address.

This email address will act as the username for your Qashier POS/HQ login.

Step 3: Enter Password

In order for your password to be valid, it must include the following:

Example Password: Qashier8!


  • Minimum 8 characters

  • Alphanumeric (alphabet + numbers: Qashier123)

  • 1 special character (#, @, $, %, &, *, /)

Step 4: Select Country & Business Type

Choose your country and business type from the dropdown list.

Step 5: Terms & Conditions

Review the Terms & Conditions, and check the box if you agree to them.

Step 6: Create an Account

Once you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions, select the Create Account button.

Step 7: Allow Access

You may be prompted to Allow Qashier POS to access photos, videos, music, and video.

Step 8: Create Staff

Creating staff is the final step! Enter a (max) 6 digit code of your choice.

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