Only available on POS version 20230104 and above

Improvement 1

Create and pay your invoice from anywhere. This improvement allows you to create your invoice on HQ and pay from the POS and vice versa. You can also accept QashierPay payments for both deposit and remaining payments for your invoice.

With the latest version of the invoice management app, you can navigate to the payments page on the POS directly from the invoice management page.

Improvement 2

All payments to the invoice will create its own transaction. Meaning if the invoice has both a deposit and remaining payment, the invoice will have 2 separate transactions linked to it.

This will allow you to void a transaction without cancelling the full invoice or affected the other transaction.

Improvement 3

You can now select 3 different payment terms for your invoice.

  1. No deposit required = Merchant does not need to accept any payment to create the invoice

  2. Deposit = Merchant requires a deposit payment

  3. Full payment (only in POS) = Merchant requires full payment upfront

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