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Discount Excluded Products (Discount Exclusions)
Discount Excluded Products (Discount Exclusions)

When products are excluded from discount, no product level or bill level discount can be applied to them.

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Discount Exclusions are products that are excluded from product and bill level discounts on QashierPOS. It allows you to exclude products (e.g. consignment goods, price controlled goods) from discounts on POS as well as prevent them from being selected on QashierHQ when creating a product level discount.

1. Exclude a Product from Discounts via QashierHQ

On QashierHQ, navigate to the Discount Management section and select the Discount Exclusions module. You will be brought to a page showing the list of products excluded from discounts.

To add a product to the list of Discount Exclusion, click on the Exclude Products(s) from Discount button and a pop-up that allows you to select products that can be added into the Discount Exclusion list.

To narrow down the list, you may search by the product name or category name.

Check select a single product from the product list or check select multiple products on the product list to include them into the discount exclusion list.

Click the Confirm button to confirm the product should be excluded from all discounts.

After confirming the discount exclusion, it will be reflected on the discount exclusion list.

2. Remove a Product from Discount Exclusion from QashierHQ

For a product (that is excluded from discounts) that shall be removed from the Discount Exclusions list, click on the More Actions button and select the Delete button.

Once the Delete button is clicked, the product is removed from the Discount Exclusion list. The product can then be added to new discount on Discount Management on QashierHQ and custom discounts can be applied to them on QashierPOS.

3. Add an Excluded-from-Discount Product into Order on QashierPOS

(a) Restriction of Product Level Discount for Discount Exclusion Item

For product that is added in Discount Exclusions, e.g. Female Haircut (Medium), no available discounts will be shown for the product, nor will there be the option of creating a custom discount due to the exclusion.

When the product is added to the order, the product will be indicated with (discount excl.) in the order. This will also be reflected in the receipt.

(b) Restriction of Bill Level Discount for Discount Exclusion Item

For product that is added in Discount Exclusions, e.g. Female Haircut (Medium), a bill level discount can still be added to the order.

After a bill level discount is added, you may click to check in the bill details and find that the discount is applied only on the product(s) which are not Discount Exclusions.

This bill level discount will be reflected accordingly in the receipt as well.

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